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Before opening this private Criminal Defense law firm, I served on both sides of the courtroom as Prosecutor and Defense Counsel. Specifically, I served as a Military Prosecutor, Special Victims Prosecutor (sex crime cases), Expert Criminal Litigator and Training Officer, and a Defense Counsel for soldiers at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Therefore, I possess a unique perspective and insight into the psychology and procedural processes of military and civilian trials (including, but not limited to, charging decisions, discovery, case strategy, motions practice, evidence admissibility, witness examination, interlocutory matters and appellate litigation).

Those accused of a criminal offense or military misconduct have a great deal on the line – career, family, freedom, and in some cases life itself. When your opponent is the state or federal government, trust me when I say that you need an experienced litigator, not a negotiator, on your side. In my former role as an Expert Criminal Litigator and Training Officer, I traveled the world training all of the Army’s prosecutors in every facet of criminal litigation. Therefore, I am all too familiar with how the government stacks the cards against the criminally accused.

In addition, serving in these various legal capacities gave me a particular perspective on the military justice system. It allowed me to observe the Army as a whole and spot problems. Unfortunately, injustice is frequently the norm in our American justice system – both our civilian and military justice systems. I set out to fix that norm years ago when I switched sides as a Defense Counsel at Fort Stewart, Georgia. I am continuing that mission today in private practice by balancing the scales of justice that are so heavily tipped to the government’s side.

I litigate criminal cases involving everything from drug possession to murder, and all of these cases are important to me. If you have been wrongfully accused of a crime or military misconduct in Richmond Hill, Hinesville, Savannah, Georgia, or the surrounding areas, this Coastal Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer will zealously fight to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected!

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Trial litigation is a complicated form of storytelling. The trick is to make it interesting, yet digestible for the panel (jury). This is easier said than done, especially when a case involves a criminal matter. It takes knowledge, skill and experience to adequately paint an accurate picture in court.

Unfortunately, many people suspected or accused of an offense never have the ability to tell their side of the story. Even if they can, it quite often falls on deaf ears. Investigations are biased and often conducted by investigators with little experience. Put our Criminal Defense Lawyer’s long-standing knowledge and experience on your side! Click any of the links below to learn more about our client-focused, results-driven Criminal Defense practice. We are willing and able to help you or your loved one during this difficult situation.

Georgia Criminal Law

Criminal Law

You need a Criminal Defense Lawyer who has extensive trial experience. For years, Attorney Brad Dixon has dissected criminal investigations from beginning to end (i.e., discovery to trial). He knows what you are up against and can develop a strategic defense for those wrongfully accused of a DUI, Assault, Drug Possession / Use, Homicide or Sex Crimes.

Military Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Throughout his military legal career, Attorney Brad Dixon has provided legal advice and representation to thousands of military service members, retirees and their family members. He would love to help you as well if you are facing a Court-Martial, Separation Boards / Boards of Inquiry or Article 15 punishment. Let us protect your military legal rights!


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