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Georgia Drugs Crime LawyerWe live in a country where politicians put pressure on the criminal justice system to over punish those charged with a drug offense. The penalties can be severe for even minor drug crimes. Therefore, the stakes are high for those charged with a drug offense.

Have you been charged with a drug crime involving the possession, use, manufacturing or trafficking of illegal drugs or legal drugs that were used in an illegal manner? If so, call our Drug Crimes Defense lawyer today at (912) 525-0555 for a FREE Case Evaluation so that we can assess the evidence that the state prosecutor “thinks” they have against you, and we can gear up to prepare the strongest defense possible for your case.

Drug Crimes Require a POWERFUL Defense

In Georgia, drug crimes are among the most severely punished crimes. Probationary programs, like the Conditional Discharge Program, are available to offenders to avoid a conviction in exchange for completion of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. However, this program is only available to first-time drug offenders.

Drug charges are normally linked to the type and amount of the drug illegally possessed. Additionally, the intent of the person possessing the drugs can result in a far more serious charge (possession with intent to distribute). As a result, having the ability to challenge the weight of the drugs and the client’s intent is absolutely essential to a strong defense.

If you have been arrested or indicted for a drug crime in Richmond Hill, Hinesville or Savannah Georgia, you do NOT need an expert negotiator, you need a GLADIATOR! You can trust this Coastal Georgia Trial Lawyer to aggressively fight to keep you out of prison and out of debt due to substantial fines and asset seizures.

Drug Possession / Use Charges and Penalties in Georgia

As a former prosecutor and defense counsel for the federal government, Attorney Brad Dixon is a Georgia Trial Lawyer who has litigated numerous drug offense cases. If you have been charged with a drug crime, he has the necessary experience and skill to defend you against the following drug charges (and much more):

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Use (illegal or prescription drugs/steroids)
  • Drug Sales
  • Drug Possession with the Intent to Sell
  • Drug Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Importation
  • Conspiracy Charges
  • Drug Related Objects
  • Drug-Related Tax Charges
  • Forfeiture of drug assets and substitute assets unrelated to the alleged drug activities

Under Georgia Criminal Code § 16-13-30, there are a number of factors that will determine the penalty you could face for your specific drug crime. As mentioned above, your criminal record, the type of drug and amount are all relevant factors a judge or jury will consider.

Keep in mind, Georgia has adopted the federal government’s minimum penalty guidelines. Therefore, even if a judge felt that your situation warranted a lighter penalty, they would still have to order the minimum penalty dictated by federal law.

Contact a Georgia Drug Crime Lawyer Today!

Our Drug Crime Lawyer has litigated both sides of the courtroom. Therefore, he understands what you are up against and is well aware of the tactics the prosecution will use to try to convict you.

While each drug offense case varies in facts and complexity, here are some of the defenses we can use to prove your innocence or mitigate your situation:

  • Innocence (by way of alibi or witness testimony)
  • Fruit of the Poisonous Tree (the police used illegal methods to obtain the drugs)
  • Intent (insufficient evidence to show intent to distribute)
  • Lack of Possession (your physical proximity to illegal drugs is not sufficient evidence of possession)
  • Incorrect Drug Amount (you deserve a reduced sentence because the amount of drugs found was less than the amount charged)

Do not leave time-sensitive legal problems like drug charges to chance! Contact us today for a FREE Case Evaluation that could make a significant difference in an otherwise negative and scary situation.

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