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SEPARATION BOARDSBecause of the unique criminal procedures of the military legal system, military service members and veterans face challenges that are unparalleled to the civilian court systems. Therefore, you need a private Military Defense Lawyer who can provide legal advice and services that are backed by military experience!

Attorney Brad Dixon is a former U.S. Army JAG Attorney who services soldiers in Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield with integrity, competence, loyalty and compassion. While serving as an active duty JAG officer for nearly a decade, he witnessed many service members suspected or accused of an offense never have the ability to tell their side of the story.  Even if they could, it quite often fell on deaf ears.

Administrative Separation Can Affect Your Employability and Benefits

A Military Board of Inquiry (“BOI”) is a process by which a panel of senior officers inquire into a soldier’s ability to continue to serve in the military. These inquires can result in a military member being involuntarily separated from the military by what’s called “administrative discharge” or “administrative separation.” The basis of administrative discharge can include the service member’s poor performance, misconduct, or physical and mental conditions that impair their ability to serve at a satisfactory level.

A BOI is an adversarial process that you do not have to face alone. Both sides will be able to present evidence. If the BOI votes that the prosecution’s (called a “recorder”) evidence sufficiently supports the allegations against you, they can make a recommendation to your chain of command that you be separated from service.

Although administrative separation appears less severe than a court-martial on its face, it still produces negative life-altering consequences that can affect you and those who depend on you. Many service members who have experienced an administrative separation have found that it affects their ability to obtain gainful employment, quality for benefits, further their education and enjoy their good standing in their community.

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Your military discharge status could follow you the rest of your life. If you have been informed that you are under investigation or that your commander plans to seek a Board of Inquiry, it is crucial that you partner with a highly-capable Military Board of Inquiry Defense Lawyer. You need a trial lawyer with extensive litigation experience who can analyze the evidence against you; poke damaging holes in the government’s case; and present a clear, convincing defense that will help you keep your job and continue serving the country you love.

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